Frequently asked questions about the Orbit coffin

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Orbit FAQ

Why does an Orbit cost more than a standard white wooden coffin?

It's easy to think that because the Orbit is made of paper, it's "just" a cardboard box. But that is not the case. The Orbit is not a cardboard box, but the sustainable alternative to a traditional wooden coffin. It will not be possible to construct a coffin in regular cardboard that matches the expression, strength and load-bearing capacity of a traditional wooden coffin.

The Re-board material, which the Orbit coffin is made of, is an FSC labelled lightweight board from Sweden, which is made of 100% paper. The reason the Orbit is made of Re-board is that, in addition to emitting 94% less CO2 than MDF/chipboard, it is the strongest lightweight board on the market and is completely free of microplastics.

Although Re-board contains 80% less wood than the traditional materials, it contains significantly more wood than what is found in a regular piece of cardboard. The board is coated with a unique paper liner by the manufacturer. This liner, in conjunction with the core and construction of the coffin, gives the Orbit its unique strength. Lightweight board is, therefore, more expensive than traditional MDF and chipboard. On the other hand, the choice of board is the main reason why a long industrial finishing process can be completely eliminated to the benefit of the environment.

At the same time, it has been important for us to completely avoid metal in the coffin. This can only be achieved by using a specially designed OEKO-TEX paper fabric bedding, which also has an impact on the final price.